Save The Date!


After retiring as a courier I thought it would be fun to take a stab at racing a criterium. During the race I had a realization that I had never raced against only women, and the idea of the Femalley Cat was born. I want to promote women’s racing in a fun, non-intimidating atmosphere.

This Halloween, Saturday October 31st, Denver will hold it’s first FEMALE ONLY alley cat race (a race which emulates the day of a bike courier)! It gets better, it will be held in conjunction with the Bicycle Film Festival’s Saturday block party & profits will be donated to the US Women’s Cycling Development Program.  

Sponsors are lining up quick for The Femalley Cat!
Seagull Bags is kicking us a custom bag for 1st lady

Knog making safety sexy with bicycling lights

-Handmade earrings from local cycling diva Baily Rose
Urban Velo magazines for the first 50 racers to register (with many other fun, free goodies!)
Primal Wear will be giving us some cycling apparel to make your ride a little more comfortable.
-And another local, DVLP Clothing will keep you looking cool after your ride.

More sponsors, location, flier and more madness TBD!  This is just a heads up, y’all!  Get ready!  Shit’s gonna get crazy!!!


Ms. Hurricane

P.S. Follow my Twitter to get live updates before they hit the blog!


2 Responses to “Save The Date!”

  1. Kate Moon Says:

    A fabulous idea. We’ve had three ladies only races in Austin this summer (including the BFF race) and so many more women are out riding their bikes with confidence. Good luck!

  2. mshurricane Says:

    Thanks, Kate! We are all really excited. I hope the Femalley Cat has the same effect.

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