The Femalley Drag


A lot of men have been getting their panties in a bunch over this race. No, you can’t do the main race if you’re a boy. Yes, you can volunteer to work a checkpoint, but under one condition: You’re dressed in drag. Uh huh, that’s ladies clothing. It is Halloween, after all!

Now I’m no man hater, most of my best pals are dudes, so I think it’s only fair that they get to do a little racing too. Don’t worry, ladies, the main race is still only for women. I will be throwing a post-race event, The Femalley Drag where both men (in drag) and women (you can be in drag too, if you want) can race in sprints. (What are sprints? See: FAQ’s ) There’s a strip of vacant land we’ve been using for sprints by the Millennium Bridge for a couple years now that’s perfect for sprints. The race will start and end at The Millennium Bridge.


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