All Checkpoints Announced!


Start and finish are still at The Millennium Bridge at 16th and Little Raven/ Behind Union Station. I have already announced the first checkpoint: The Mallet Mafia courts at 13th and Emerson, here are the rest.

These checkpoints may arise once or more on your manifest. They will also not be in this order, they can be in any combination. Look at the fake manifest I made for more information on manifests.

All the checkpoints are sponsors. Go for a joyride to familiarize yourself with these rad Denver hangouts! Support local Denver businesses!

The Checkpoints (MAY APPEAR IN ANY ORDER):
Breathe at 27th and Arapahoe


The Shoppe at East Colfax Ave and St. Paul


DVLP’s new store at 29th and Larimer

DVLP staple_small

Sol Tribe Tattoo at 56 South Broadway


Pablo’s Coffee at Washington and 6th Ave


I may or may not add more checkpoints. Also, there is a possibility of a surprise checkpoint the day of the race.

Have a group of friends that wanna stoop it up for 30 minutes on Halloween? Let me know if you wanna lurk down on a checkpoint Saturday around 2pm. Emails it up! Jen.Nordhem[at]bicyclefilmfestival[dot]com


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