Bikes Rock is CANCELLED


Unfortunately, due to the BLIZZARD Bikes Rock tonight at Beta has been cancelled.

Everything else for the Bicycle Film Festival is still a go!
Tomorrow night we have the opening of Joyride, the traveling art show inspired by the bicycle, which is sure to be jaw dropping. Aside from the fantastic local/national/international artists, there will be live painting, booze and music from DJ Soup. Sure to be a crowd pleaser, so invite your friends and RIDE!

BFF hits Denver

But the FILMS are really the prize jewel of the festival. All are at Starz FilmCenter at the Tivoli, are around and hour and a half per screening and will be awesome.
Where Are You Go is a great film about a bike tour from Cairo to Cape Town, sure to be inspirational. It will be screening on Friday at 7pm, here is the trailer:

At 9pm on Friday, we have the BEST OF THE BFF Screening, a little bit of everything: Animation, bike racing, polo, drama, BMX and more.

Saturday is jam packed with four screenings, with something for every kind of rider. The mountain bike screening is at 3pm, BMX screening is at 5pm, the racing screening with the film Road To Roubaix at 7pm and finally, the Urban Bike Shorts screening with Halloween themed films like Night of the Living Bicycle and The Warriors: The Bike Race. All are sure to put a smile on your face and will make you want to ride your bike!
More details and all tickets are on sale now at

If you’re out there on your bike, please RIDE SAFE!
Love, Little Miss Hurricane


One Response to “Bikes Rock is CANCELLED”

  1. Rocio Says:

    I lost a very cool hat on Saturday night after BFF-Program 5 (7-8:30 pm) at the Tivoli. I don’t know if I let it at the movie theatre ot at the women’s bathroom. The hat was part of my costume for Halloween. The worst part is that IS NOT MINE. Please if you found it please contact me ( Thanks

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