Ladies Manifest!!!



This is the exact manifest that you will be racing with tomorrow, Saturday, September 11. Show up at 3pm with your $5, ready to race!!! We can’t wait!
Have questions? Check the FAQ page first.


2 Responses to “Ladies Manifest!!!”

  1. elaine Says:

    help! im confused and new to all of this but really wanting and thinking of doing the race tomorrow. what does the ‘picks’ and the ‘drops’ mean – there are many of the same locations on both lists – so do you hit them multiple times? do you do all the drops after the picks in any order?

    help a stoked but confused newbie!

    • cdagger Says:

      An alley cat is like the day in the life of a bike courier. They have to pick packages up, and drop things off at various locations. So pretend you are on a deadline for tomorrow and have scheduled pick ups at the “picks” spots. That means you might go to a location more than once! Its up to you to figure out the most logical and quickest way to hit the “drops” on your route. I’ll give ya a hint – you wouldn’t want to do the drop at Breathe right after hitting Fashion Denver since you have to go there later for a pick too. Make sense?

      We’ll help answer questions during the registration time from 3-3:30 if you are still a little confused about how it will work. Hope we see you tomorrow girl!

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