The Femalley Cat Recap!


So much fun! Thanks to all the guys and gals that came out to play on Saturday!!! There were 25 racers in all and around 14 for the men in the drag later.

Photos were all taken by the talented Lenny Maiorani!

A beautiful day in Denver, Co.

Planning out their route

Brittany from Boulder checking the map. She won 3rd place!

The scene

Jacob being my assistant

The start! Baily Rose already winning!

Keirin on the bottom right won 2nd place!

At the checkpoint!

Kierin at The Shoppe’s checkpoint!

Baily Rose FTW!

Tara won some gear from Rapha for fifth place!

Brynn won fourth and a DVLP hoodie!

Brittany from Boulder won third and loads of stuff! T-shirt from Track Shack

Gloves, lights and a hat from Knog.

Cycling tank from Primal Wear!

Keirin won second place and a t-shirt from DVLP as well as…

The 2008 Rouleur Photo Annual thanks to Rapha!

And a bag and lights from Knog!!!

And the drum roll please….

First place went to BAILY ROSE!!!

She won a hat from King Kog made by Chewy!

Coffee from Chrome and a hoodie from DVLP!

A cycling kit from Primal Wear that isn’t even released yet!

And last but not least!!! The trophy, a handmade bag from Seagull Bags!!!

We then all gathered up and moved down the street to the Femalley Drag!

Giddy UP!

Still more prizes to give away!

Tara and I heading the the starting line

Tara and Jess racing!

Baily Rose gettin aero

Matt Hamm and Brad Meyer throwing down at the drag

Roilen vs Brad (third and second, respectively)

Jacob taking the gold!

Tara won the drag and a week of free spin classes at Breathe Denver!

Jacob won first place for the boys!

Thanks for coming out and making the first Femalley Cat a success! There will surely be more in the future. I posted a BFF recap on my blog Well, It’s Irrelevant. Keep an eye there for future announcements of races and other cycling events.
Love you all! Ride safe!
xo, Ms Hurricane


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