First off, Definitions:
Alleycat: An unsanctioned street race that simulates the day of a bike courier. It takes place on city streets with traffic. Prizes for fastest racer and side events, too!

Checkpoint: Stops between the start and finish of the race. Each checkpoint is listed on a manifest. At each checkpoint, you must have your manifest signed by the checkpoint volunteer to show that you’ve been there. Sometimes you need to complete a task before the volunteer will sign your manifest.

Manifest: A list of checkpoint’s addresses. It’s up to you to plan your route. You must have a complete manifest to complete the race.

Checkpoint Volunteers: They are the glue of the race, without them it would be nothing. Be nice to the volunteers, say please and thank you, and they will make your race easier. If you’re nasty, they can create a world of pain. This is meant to be fun, please be pleasant!

Sprints: Fast, short races, usually under a quarter mile in a straight line. Fastest person wins.

Onto the Questions!

Q: How do I register?
A: Registration will be at 3pm on the day of the event – Saturday September 11th. You can find us at the Denver Performing Arts Center, under the statue of the dancing people on Speer Blvd.

Q: Do I have to ride a fixed gear?
A: Hell, girl! You could ride a fucking pony for all we care! We just want you to have fun! Ride what you got.

Q: But I’m not fast enough.
A: How do you know if you’ve never raced?! Also, what ever happened to just having a good time? If you’re in it to win it you’re at the wrong race, go get some spandex.

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