About The Femalley Cat

It All Started…
After retiring as a courier Jen Nordhem thought it would be fun to take a stab at racing a criterium. During the race she had a realization that she had never raced against only women, and the idea of the Femalley Cat was born. She wants to promote women’s racing in a fun, non-intimidating atmosphere in the place she loves most, THE STREETS!

This is the Femalley Cat’s second year! Last year we had 25 racers participate, most of whom had never raced before! We had a blast and gave away a TON of cool stuff! Check out the event recap from last year in this post.

On to 2010!

You don’t need a fixed gear, and you don’t need to be fast. Just show up with your bike ready to meet some other girls who love bikes as much as you! The ladies manifest will be posted here in advance, so you can plan out your route.

(What’s a manifest? Read definitions on the FAQ page!)

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NEW TO 2010!

You could call the Broseph Invitational the boyfriend race to the Femalley Cat, and it sure as hell won’t be no ride in the park. The dudes who threw the Lo-Hi Scramble, Declan and Kris, will be organizing the BRO, if you don’t know what that means prepare for the worst. You should probably carb load the night before. Yeah, bro, it’s gonna be serious.

And girls, don’t worry, event though you’re racing at the same time, the boys won’t get in your way because you have different routes.

Who is throwing this race, anyway?!
Jen started the Femalley Cat last year. She’s raced and thrown a lot of races, writes a lot about bikes and currently coaches indoor cycling at Breathe Denver. You can find her on Twitter: @MsHurricane.

New to 2010… Chelsea, Kris and Declan are co-organizers!

Chelsea (cdagger) is stoked to be a part of the event this year! She likes bikes, beer, delicious vegetarian food, her cat, and some other stuff. She doesn’t like her braces so much. You can find her on Twitter: @ChelsEats

We are all really excited to see some new faces out there and can’t wait to meet you!

Last year’s flier:
Femalley Cat

Our rockin’ sponsors from last year:
Femalley Cat

5 Responses to “About The Femalley Cat”

  1. grrreatings_from_switzerland Says:

    cool project jen! i wish i could quickly swim to ride with ya girls. i got some similar idea here, but mixed. was great fun! wish you lots of success!

  2. Brent Says:

    Hi Jen!

    While perusing Urban Velo today I didn’t expect to stumble across my upstairs neighbor! In retrospect I probably should have!

  3. Christa Says:

    Hi Jen, your event sounds awesome! How’s it going? Have many women signed up for it yet?

    I volunteer with the Colorado Peace Ride and we were wondering if it’s possible to set up a table at your event to promote the Peace Ride, which will be next August 8 – 11th, our second year of cycling for peace.

    Happy riding,

  4. rahja Says:

    Jen, I am super excited about this! I am glad someone finally through something like this in the Denver area. How do i register? I will be looking forward to meeting you as well as many other female cyclists.

  5. Steve Says:

    Hi Jen.

    Got a poster I can put up in the store?

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